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Who is Fong Chua?

Real Estate / Speaking / Business Coach
Real Estate Investor
Serial Entrepreneur

Speaker                        Interviewed on Results Radio

   Panelist with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington


Mel Gibson (Actor, Director – Braveheart, Lethal Weapon, Passion of the Christ) and JTFoxx (World’s #1 Wealth Coach)
Bret Michaels (Lead Singer of Poison)
Panelist with Shark Tank's Kevin Harrington
Sylvester Stallone (Star of Rocky, Rambo and Expendables) and JT FOXX
Arnold Schwarzenegger – Formor Govenor of California, MovieStar, RealEstate Guru and BodyBuilding Champ
Al Pacino (Star of Godfather and Scarface)
Mark Messier (NHL Hockey Legend)
John Travolta (Star of Grease, Face-Off, Pulp Fiction)
Mark Wahlberg (Actor song writer entrepreneur – Transformers, The Departed, Patriots Day)
Stan Lee (The MAN – Creator of Spiderman)
50Cent (Rapper, Star of Get Rich or Die Tryin’)
Gene Simmons (legendary Band KISS)
George Ross (Former Right Hand Man of President Donald Trump and Star of Apprentice)
Randi Zuckerberg (Former Head of Marketing at FACEBOOK)
Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-founder)
Michael Irvin (3 time NFL Superbowl Champ and Hall of Fame Inductee)
AdamWest (Actor – Batman)
Nathan Fillion (Star of Castle and Firefly)
Vanilla Ice (Music Artist and star of TV’s The Vanilla Ice Project)
Donna Karan (Creator of DKNY)
Kathy Ireland (Former super model and business tycoon)
JT Foxx & Stedman Graham winning the Loyalty Award
Jack Welch (Author, executive chariman, Former CEO of GE)

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