Make More Work Less

by Creating Your Gateway to STARDOM


Strategies and tips to:

Skillset Diversification: Creating Opportunities Exponentially!

Tame Stress: Have Stress work for you!

Assess Risk: Transform Risk into rewards.

Raise Wealth: Building Confidence all around you.

DOMinate the Fear of Unknowns: Challenging unknowns without Fear!



Authors of the Make More Work Less book series, Fong and Jessica are back with another addition, Make More Work Less by Creating your Gateway to Stardom. 

Fong Chua is the company’s acquisitions specialist. Winner of the loyalty award, Fong’s sense of honor and equality towards our partners and agents make Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. the company of choice when it comes to presenting opportunities to. Always looking out for our partner’s interest, Fong’s ability to bring people together is what makes our company thrive.

Jessica Ng is the company’s long-term investment and relations strategist. Winner of the human relations award, Jessica’s empathy and care for our partners, residents and clients is the driving force to the success of Assurance Real Estate Acquisitions Inc. Jessica’s attention to detail allows her to focus on the long term risks and returns of our partner’s investments, as well as the long term well being of our residents’ experience in our houses.